Commercial Photography

CannaGraphics is a multi-discipline professional photography service that provides stunning creative imagery to the cannabis industry. In addition to being able to offer top of the line cannabis photography Cannagraphics also offers product and packaging photography, macro photography, microscopic photography, portraiture, event photography, landscape photography, cultivation and harvest photography, and more. Cannabis photography presents many technical challenges that most professional photographers will not know how to overcome including: depth of field limitations, diffraction, glare on packaging or concentrates, lens distortion, and lighting trichomes to really make them pop! It takes a true professional with years of experience photographing cannabis to provide you with images your customers will want to share over and over again!

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 The price listed is for the times spent photographing, having taken editing time into consideration. The time spent processing the images after photographing can span from one to six times that spent photographing, so five hours of photography can easily turn into an additional 30 hours of editing. One day of shooting, can be nearly a week of editing.  Once all of your images are looking their best they are then resized into fullsize images for printing, websized images for sharing online, websized with your logo in the corner, and formatted for Instagram.  All of these files are then uploaded to a private dropbox folder then the link is sent to you. Your images are licensed for social media, printing, and ads. They are not licensed for reproduction as artwork, or for covers of publications without an additional license purchase.


2018 Rates

Service:Book Single Service:Book Multiple Services 30% off:
Cultivation Site or studio photography $500 1/2 day
$1,000 Full day
$350 1/2 Day
$700 Full Day
Individual product or Trophy$50 per Product$35 per product for 5 Products or more or when booked with another service
Macro and Microscopic Photography$100 per image$70 per photo fior 5 or more photos or when booked with another service
Cultivation site photography means visiting and photographing at your location.
Studio photography means photography in the CannaGraphics Studio.
Individual product and Trophy photos are for one professional glare free product photo.
Macro and Microscopic photography are priced per image.
You can receive 30% off of the price if you book 2 or more services at once, provide more than 5 products to be photographed at once, or you book 1 service in consecutive months.